Property management

The proposed scope of the duties is always adapted to the specifics of a given Housing Community and depending on the Client may cover the following issues:


  • keeping the rooms, facilities and equipment of the building for common use of apartment owners in proper order and cleanliness
  • ensuring the supply of electricity, heat energy, gas, water, sewage system and waste disposal for the common properties
  • making settlements of water consumption in apartments (twice a year or more frequently if needed)
  • caring for the residents satisfaction, informing and immediate solving of reported problems
  • regular duty shifts by an administrator on the property area
  • access for residents to individual settlements through the website
  • preparation and delivery of notices and other communication on behalf of the Housing Community
  • performing periodic property controls and inspection rounds by the administrator


  • ensuring technical support for the equipment requiring constant supervision (e.g. elevators) by professional companie
  • performing ongoing maintenance and repairs in the common area of the property, in particular performing repairs and renovations of the building, its rooms in the common area and technical equipment enabling the owners to use the lighting system, water, gas, entryphone, and renovations and rapiers of other common property equipment
  • removal of failures and their effects in the common property
  • supervision over the performance of repairs ordered in the property
  • keeping the building log book and technical documentation required under the construction law
  • ordering technical controls and periodic inspections of the property and its technical equipment pursuant to the construction la
  • preparation with the Board of an annual economic plan, including planned expenditures from the repair fund
  • coordination of renovations or modernization of the building in accordance with the economic plan approved with a valid resolution of the apartment owners.


  • preparation, convening and servicing of meetings of the Housing Community in the first quarter of each year, preparation of required documents, archiving documents from the meetings
  • keeping the building log book and technical documentation for the common property required under the construction law
  • verification of the legal and factual status of the property, keeping register of apartments, apartment owners and their shares in the common property – keeping share books
  • preparation and causing adoption of the resolutions required under the law which are needed for proper functioning of the Housing Community and supervision over their execution
  • assistance by conclusion of agreements for supplies, works, or services, connected with the realization of the tasks mentioned above, control of the correctness of performance of the agreements
  • pre-enforcement debt recovery by title of additional revenues from the property
  • judicial debt collection proceedings (on request of the Housing Community)
  • monitoring of insurance coverage period against fire and other fortuitous events of building objects located on the area of the common property, and insurance of the Housing Community against civil liability; conducting proceedings in order to be indemnified for any occurring damages•representing the owners in matters relating to the Housing Community before common Courts and other organs of the Public Administration.


  • keeping relevant books of account in accordance with separate provisions of law
  • preparation of an annual financial statement and its submission to all the apartment owners
  • collection of monthly fees by title of costs of maintaining common property from apartment owners
  • timely settlements through a bank account.