Integrated accounts

The activity profile and legal form of the company are just a few elements influencing the specificity of its economic turnover and bookkeeping needs. Offering you customized service we guarantee full functionality of accounting regulations. Like our Clients we understand and appreciate the impact of proper registry of economic operations on the models of managing corporate assets and synthetic control of its operations.

Keeping integrated accounts

Pursuant to legal regulations, associations of capital and some economic entities are obliged to keep integrated accounts. Within the service we offer:

  • recording operations
  • register of documents
  • calculation of monthly amounts of income tax advances
  • preparation of annual financial reports
  • other activities adjusted to the specificity of company operations and legal requirements.

Implementation of the accounting system

Many entities are interested in individual keeping of own accounts on the longer run. Within the service we offer:

  • elaboration of rules for the accounting policy, including the plan of accounts adjusted to the company operations specificity
  • elaboration of the rules of supplementary documentation and books of account inspection
  • elaboration of a procedure and rules for circulation of documents
  • consulting on selection of bookkeeping software and its implementation
  • training employees within software operation
  • assistance in bookkeeping and handing of the entire duties to the corporation
  • other activities adjusted to the specificity of company operations and legal requirements.

Books inspection and preparation for audits

Only duly issued and reliable accounting documents fully reflect everyday situations and economic operations. Within the service we offer:

  • inspection of accounting documents as for their formal and content correctness
  • inspection of the entries made in books of account
  • reviews of financial statements
  • preparation of documentation required by auditing entities.

Stock taking

Proper description of all the elements of corporate assets is a basic element of managing its resources. It also enables a long term planning of adequate internal investments. Within the service we offer:

  • elaboration of rules of classification and registering of resources with marking procedure
  • keeping tables of fixed assets amortization
  • elaboration of the stock taking procedure
  • participation in conducting annual or periodic stock taking in order to increase the reliability of its results, including verification of the actual state and correct consumption of resources
  • stock taking results analysis.