Quick debt collection and legal services

Business Consulting Solutions Sp. z o. o. can meet your expectations due to the comprehensiveness of our services. It has been achieved thanks to our long-term partners in business:

  • Legal Counsel Tomasz Błaszczuk Law Firms (Warsaw, Lublin, Chełm) – comprehensive legal services for entrepreneurs, cooperatives and housing communities;
  • Tomexim Inkasso – debt collection.

Debt collection

Speed and efficiency are the key principles that guide us in enforcement of financial claims that have arisen in the process of business trading. We can guarantee you that we use all lawful methods of procedure relevant for a specific case and debtor’s attitude. Executing our one-time or regular orders related to debt collection we make sure that reliability and professionalism of the activities performed by us on behalf of our Clients contribute to maintenance of positive relations with their current and potential contractors.

Pre-trial conciliatory proceedings

Negotiations that end in the settlement of liabilities are for both the creditor and the debtor the most preferred option of claims enforcement. They make it possible to avoid additional costs related to further, entirely formal steps aimed at the debt repayment. What we offer within this stage of procedure is:

  • gathering information about a debtor;
  • identification of causes of delays in liabilities settlement;
  • sending requests for payment and reminders;
  • collecting debts by telephone as well as through personal contacts using the mechanisms of psychological impact on the debtor
  • determination of the definitive date for liabilities settlement.

Court proceedings

If the debtor has not settled the liability we take steps aimed at obtaining a final and binding writ of execution. Evidentiary material gathered earlier enables a smooth course of the proceedings. What we offer within this stage of procedure is:

  • preparation of court documents in terms of formality and legality;
  • submission of the petition;
  • supervision over the course of court proceedings;
  • covering costs of legal representation;
  • obtaining court order for payment together with the enforcement clause.

Pre-enforcement conciliatory proceedings

Since the value of the claim has increased by legal costs, we re-negotiate the conditions for voluntary repayment of the debt with the debtor. What we offer within this stage of procedure is:

  • submission of the application for securing the claim to the court (which is possible also at the earlier stage);
  • securing the liability against the debtor’s assets;
  • ongoing encouraging the debtor to pay off the debt;
  • monitoring the collection of receivables.

Enforcement assistance

If the debt has not been settled we refer the request to initiate enforcement procedure to the court enforcement officer. The fact that we are familiar with the most common tactics adopted by fraudulent debtors allows us to significantly facilitate the course of the proceedings. What we offer within this stage of procedure is:

  • checking debtor’s enforcement capacity, including determination which bank accounts and which part of assets should be seized
  • preventing the debtor from disposing of their asset;
  • monitoring the effectiveness of the activities performed by the court enforcement officer;
  • enforcement of receivables.

Pre-debt-collection services and receivables management support services

If the appropriate actions are taken you may avoid arising of many troublesome receivables, and if they arise – you will be able to significantly reduce the time of their collection and optimize the costs of receivables management. We offer the following pre-debt-collection services and claims enforcement support services:

  • economic information – verification of the reliability of the potential contractors, including analysis of payments made by them for the benefit of the previous creditors;
  • consultancy related to effective securing of the Client’s interest by means of the appropriate contractual provisions
  • assistance in negotiations with the prospective contractors in order to eliminate the risk of errors resulting from the unfavourable course of the talks;
  • payments monitoring – preventive supervision over the payment of liabilities by contractors, including reminding of the upcoming payment maturity, and after its ineffective lapse – issuing and sending requests for payment; analysis of the receivables structure, consultancy concerning services related to debts collection and tax aspects of the recovery.


Credentials of the team members constitute the most important guarantee of high quality of our services. Our experts have many years of work experience in joint stock companies, audit companies, accounting offices, law firms and public administration.

The comprehensive legal services are provided by the legal counsels, attorneys-at-law, trainee legal counsels, tax advisors, notary and scientific workers of the faculty of Law and Administration at the Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin, specializing in legal and economic services, as well as legal and tax services rendered to the enterprises.

Receivables enforcement is carried out by the lawyers having experience in debt collection. As they have persuasive and negotiating skills, and simultaneously are familiar with the most common tactics adopted by the fraudulent debtors, all the stages of a given case are handled by the same person, which maximizes the efficiency of the debt collection process.



Pre-enforcement conciliatory proceedings